Does The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company (AABC) make special sizes?

Yes, we do.

The sizes listed on this site are the standard Australian and Chinese sizes but we can supply other international sizes.

If you have a special size requirement, maybe for a boat or caravan,please call us and we can help you select the right style of quilt to suit your needs whatever they are.

Can AABC ship my order to an overseas destination?

Yes, we can.

We can deliver to any address in China, duty and taxes paid

Please contact us when you place your order and we will be happy to obtain a quotation for delivery to your location, anywhere in the world. 

How do I care for my quilt?

Each AABC alpaca quilt has detailed care instructions sewn onto the product. Please follow the care instructions very carefully to avoid damage and to properly look after your quilt for a long life.

If you require further information about product care, please contact us.

Quality Guarantee

We are very proud of the quality of our quilts and each article is inspected during each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure only the finest quality leaves our factory.

We do not ship or sell any second quality quilts - no questions, we just don't do it!

All of the AABC alpaca and wool bedding products come with our manufacturer's quality guarantee.If for any reason you believe that there is a fault in the quality due to a manufacturing defect, please contact us.

What about allergy sufferers?

Alpaca fleece does not contain Lanolin, which has been attributed to exacerbating allergy problems with some people. Alpaca fleece is grown naturally without the need to drench and chemically clean the animals, which is required for sheep.

After being shorn, the alpaca fleece is gently washed with organically certified detergents (scouring and acid carbonizing are not required as with wool cleaning) and processed into our alpaca quilts without the use of chemicals.

What type of quilt filling is best?

We believe the best quilt fillings are pure natural fibres, created and processed without using harmful chemicals. These fillings are environmentally friendly to the user and our world. There are many different natural fibre fillings used in quilts which are available today, each with their own attributes and benefits. Please refer to our bedding filling section for further information.

Can AABC ship to another person or address?

Yes, no problem.

If you wish to buy direct on this site and have the order sent to another person or address, possibly as a gift or present, we can arrange this for you. 

Why should I buy on-line directly from AABC?

Buying direct from the manufacturer has many advantages. We have the knowledge to assist and advise you to select the right alpaca bedding to meet your bedding requirements. We have confidence in our brand, product and quality.

We carry stock of all current alpaca bedding ranges including new releases, whereas some retailers only carry limited stock and while they can offer you a personal shopping experience, the retailer may not have the right alpaca quilt style in stock which best suits you.

Our shipping policy will ensure your order leaves our factory the same or next day for a hassle free delivery.

All on line purchases include free delivery anywhere in Australia which saves you time and expense. For a small fee we can express ship your order to anywhere in China which is very convenient and secure.

As a customer, we invite you to call us regarding questions, recommendations or ideas for that special gift for someone which we can arrange and ship directly to them.

Which quilt is right for me?

The correct answer to this question really depends upon the answer to several other questions –

Sleeper type - some people are 'hot' in bed and some are 'cold'. Each of these two conditions requires different quilt weight i.e. warmth, for the sleeper to experience a comfortable night’s sleep.

Environment - What is your sleeping environment i.e. no heating or cooling in the bedroom or is the bedroom centrally heated?  Your environment will be an important factor in the choice of a quilt to meet your needs. A building's construction i.e. wall thickness, insulation and the evenness of night time temperatures, as well as what type of mattress is being used i.e. pillow top, low line or dual top styles needs to be considered when selecting your quilt.

Climate - Do you live in the tropics or in a cold climate?

In our experience, all of the above factors are important in selecting the right AABC alpaca quilt which you will enjoy for many years.

If you require any assistance in selecting the right quilt for you, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Is the price important in buying the right quilt?

While the price usually is a guide for a products quality, it certainly should not be the main factor in buying a quilt. A good quality quilt with proper care, should last for five to ten years, although we recommend that bedding be replaced about every five years and every one or two years for pillows.

Even with proper care, over time quilts do 'wear out' with fibre breakage, moisture accumulation and extended use. It is important for you to have a high quality of sleeping comfort which you frankly just cannot get with a poor quality quilt.

Over an eight year period, the difference between a high and low quality quilt is really only a few cents per night, so the initial purchase price isn't important compared to the quality of sleep that you deserve.

So, price needs to be relative to your specific needs and sleeping conditions and personal situation.

What's the difference between a quilt, duvet, doona and a comforter?

None, they are all the same thing.

Most of these names originate from various countries or regions eg a doona is from Scandinavia, a duvet is French, and a comforter is North American. They all relate to the same item - a fibre or feather & down filled bed quilt.

Can I return a quilt that I have bought on this site?

No, we are sorry but we are unable to accept return of a quilt that you have purchased on this site. This is due to Australian Health Regulations.