Export – Experience Counts

In 2016 our group parent company, Kelly & Windsor Australia, were the winners of the Hume Council Export Award which is a very prestigious recognition of an Australian Made manufacturer exporting to the world.

At the same event, K&W were also recognized as finalists in the Hume Council 2016 manufacturing award which is an outstanding accolade for an Australian manufacturing company.

The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company as part of the Kelly & Windsor Australia group has substantial experience exporting to selected international markets, especially China.


Gloabl shipping and logistics expertise

We can arrange a seamless & efficient shipping service from our warehouse to your preferred destination port in China.

ChAFTA, the China Australia Free Trade agreement was ratified in December 2015 which opened multiple trade opportunities with China but there are some increased complexities, especially in providing the correct import documentation for importers to benefit from ChAFTA. We are experienced in export documentation including approved ChAFTA Certificates of Origin which are now required from the Chinese Customs and Import authorities.

Our freight forwarding partners in China have offices and logistics centres in the key Chinese cities and can also assist with importing your order into China, arranging inland freight, storage and delivery of your order anywhere in China.

We can offer a full freight & shipping service to China, or if you prefer to use your designated forwarder, we can interface with them directly to ensure that your order is securely and efficiently completed.

AABC Global markets

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