Alpaca fleece in Bedding

Alpaca fleece is a rare and exotic fibre which has a natural brightness and deep lustre, and is in high demand by elite fashion houses for garments due to its versatility, silkiness and softness.

Alpaca fleece is lighter and stronger than other natural animal fibres has outstanding insulation properties. This luxurious fibre is perfect for beautiful bedding.

Alpaca quilts offer consumers a unique experience in sleeping comfort. 

  • Luxuriously soft with a beautiful handle
  • Lightweight, yet comfortably warm
  • Outstanding warmth to weight ratio
  • Moisture absorbency – warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Natural, biodegradable and chemical free materials, certified by Oeko Tex
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Allergy free

For Adults

Our alpaca bedding products are eco-friendly, natural and luxurious. Imagine being cool in summer and warm in winter? Our bedding range provides comfort for all seasons, is durable, made from renewable materials, allergy free, beautifully soft and has a wonderful feel on the skin.

The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company (AABC) has the unique UltraSoft (patent pending) seamless quilt design.

Our UltraSoft quilt design provides greater loft and has less stitches. Less stitches means a significantly softer quilt and is warmer as the external stitches are covered to trap more air to keep you warmer.

Easy care with a superior look on the bed for those fashion conscience customers.

Woman resting in bed with alpaca quilt

 For Baby & Child

We only want the best for our babies and children!

The new Baby Alpaca quilts are super light weigh and are ideal for baby and children's bedding. The fibre is luxuriously soft, light weight, naturally moisture absorbent with an excellent temperature balance to insulate and keep your bubby snug in winter and cool in summer.

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