Alpaca for Adults

The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company's alpaca bed quilts are eco-friendly, natural and luxurious.

Imagine being cool in summer and warm in winter? Our pure natural bed quilt ranges provide comfort all year round, and are durable, made from renewable & environmental friendly natural materials.

Alpaca quilts are super soft, luxuriously comfortable and the finest qaulity, made in Australia

Alpaca quits are also beautifully soft with a wonderful feel on the skin. The new Alpaca Luxury, Regal and Premium quilt collections are simply the ultimate in luxury.  We have designed and created the finest quality natural fibre quilts on the market. Exclusive, premium and with outstanding warmth and comfort. Perfect for all ages, for yourself or as a very special gift.

The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company (AABC) collection of Australia made alpaca quilts has the unique UltraSoft (patent pending) design which has several features. The seamless quilt design provides greater loft for improved warmth and less stitches to create a significantly softer quilt. A clever innovation exclusive to our alpaca quilt collections.

Experience the worlds most luxurious premium quality alpaca quilt collections from the Australian Alpaca Bedding Company. The world's best for your ultimate nights rest and healthy sleeping comfort.

Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated with an comfortable nights sleep with the AABC alpac quilt collections