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June 10, 2021

A refresh of the AABC web site is underway, finally

Thank you to those who have ordered products on this site and follow the Australian Alpaca Bedding Company (lets just call it AABC)

The AABC web site is nearly five years old and still looks good but it hasnt been updated for ages. it was intended to reload a lot of content after I accidentially deleted a lot of posts some years ago, but never got around to it.

This morning I decided to do a review of the site and freshen it up, so this is a bit of a public committment to getting the AABC site back to turbo mode.

I still like the site theme and we will keep it but there is a lot of updates, news, promotions which are way overdue, especially the news.

Over the next few weeks I will back load news and product updates with new images etc, so if you think you missed a news post last year, you didnt, it has actually a new post, just back dated to its relevant date.

As usual, any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.